• Serena Tan

the capture of MS

when i read the news this morning on MS arrest ONE MONTH AGO in MALAYSIA, my first reaction was

1. why one month ago now then report 2. would singapore claim credit and do the thumbs up for their security mistake or what? not much information about his arrest wor..

then i read the comments made by singaporeans that is soo funny…

Comments made by singaporeans 1. now the singapore government will be expecting credits to be given to them, for un doing a grave mistake which should not have happened in the 1st place. he was re arrested in malaysia anyway, so the direct credit might be to the malaysian police rather than the SPF, but we all know that this credit-grabbing government will insist and highlight the fact that it was some ‘joint operation on some cooperation’ to get the recognition they always need.

2. **** *** **** u better apologise bcos u said he is still in singapore and now how he appeared in jb? u better explain

3. How come mas selamat is able to sneak through our very tight border security to johor baru? Why are we keep thinking all along that mas selamat is still in singapore? Now that mas is caught, what is WKS going to do next?

4. if they send mat to singapore, i am worried we may lose him again. our next generation police cannot capture mat but malaysian third class with low pay can do the impossible.

5. maybe we need to hire malaysian police minister and police to lower cost and have better efficiency.

6. trying to claim credit for a screw up will only backfire. passing photos to malaysians and asking them to capture him is a procedure. but again, singaporeans lah.. always like to claim credit..

7. that grave and stupid mistake of letting mas selamat escape should never have happened in the 1st place, his recapture is something which they should have done a long time ago. now they still want to mouth about them being deserving of credits and rewards? they can go to hell.

8. I still don’t trust the Gov. whether he is really capture, as no photos to prove and if it is already been capture 1 month ago, why our custom check point still waste so many other times in checking scaning for all vehicles while leaving Singapore and it seen to have some hidden stories behind the whole incident, and such a tight checking at custom check point how on earth can he be in Malaysia, do you think after all the effort at the check point was wasting all our time.

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