• Serena Tan

The Computer jammed in the middle of my Course

the blur sotong arose in the first half of the course today. somehow during the lecture, i went to shake the monitor trying to move it away from me, and the whole screen went blank n black. i stood here in dismay until i had to get the lecturer to help me get the screen back to activation. then somehow i kept having extra lines to my sheet which i had to summon help to help to delete. gaga the me.. strikes

then, was emailing Ahfa to and fro and wondering why the hell she took a long time or never reply to me emails. She thought the same way too until she had to msg me. only some of her emails gotten through and the whole time I was trying to refresh the inbox over n over again for the first half morning and guess what i found?

some of it was in the spam inbox?! like i would know !

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