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The course evaluation had meme too

Usually when I stationed inside the train cabin while on the way to work, my mind works a lot churning lots of posts and issues to blog.

Then come at night, I completely forgot about what I have so euphuistically post in my mind in the morning. Especially when we started farming, we were kept VERY busy most nights, with thi-rak AK to and forth his and mine farm.

The getting-to-know oneself course had an exercise that is interestingly meme.

One of it was Name the hobbies or activities in your life. Something goes like these :-

What are you able to do effectively and willingly and are doing?

My answer: blogging

What are you wanting to do but not able or couldn’t find the time to do it?

My answer: scuba diving

What are you able to do it but not going to do for some reason or the other?

My answer: play pool. I am able to but not well.

Then of course we had to explain why this and why that..

What about you?

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