• Serena Tan

The day when 2 ain’t quite well..

I got really cold sweat at 4pm today. While in the middle of the housework, I was shivering n the stomach cramp badly. Gastric attack…late coffee attack..

Quite disappointing because I had my housework plans all planned straight till 6pm.,… Too bad, so I rested.

Coffee and branch I had this morning was way too late because it was unavailable till 12pm! Totally famished n bad headache already I guess then so refluxes to a bad gastric …. Argghuuu .

How do you so solve a late coffee? The body goes off with a awful head pain whenever I miss my first coffee timing… Wat’s worst with a late branch , everything hits in!

So it all blends in! Thirak AK was having a bad cough n today develops into a fever too. Not surprisingly, day in n out, the site he is in , is so well exposed to the scorching heat n sun!!

So we rested this evening missing out some family fun!

Some rest might be well soon…

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