• Serena Tan

The dying Bird

And when you just think only humans lifes are important and worthy of living, there this morning, I thought what I saw causes pain and sadness to myself apart from humans beings.

At the traffic lights while waiting for the green man, an Indian lady was already standing at the middle of crossing waiting looking at something. Then I realized also several other birds flocking towards the middle near her, and some birds stood at the tip top of the traffic lights looking down chirping and chirping.

In the middle of the traffic lights road stood a almost dying bird grasping madly for air, its beak were wide open and moving madly and its legs were almost chopped. The family of the injured bird quickly flocked away at the slightest movement of human cars while some stood above top tip of the poles of the traffic lights, all looking and chirping at the dying birdie. when the coast was clear, the birds flew down to the dying bird again.

Hey, green light, I wanted to stop to look just like the Indian lady who look devastated then I saw the injured dying bird halfway to heaven looking pathetically poor thing, I could not take another look. it was just too heartpain.

Your heart suddenly plague with pain and sadness, especially when I saw the other birds that seemed to know what happened yet helpless…

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