• Serena Tan

the Effort we had to get our Pratas

Last night, almost to the midnight my daddy was craving badly for

Roti Prata.

Actually he was craving for a few days already. So we left half an hour to midnight to Thomson for his Rota Prata. Me darling AK Mummy and Daddy.

10 mins to 12am, the Rota Prata at Thomson was closing and left only Pratass…

” we close at 12am, and only have pratas..”

Can we rushed in 10 mins. No So

We proceed to furthur up , Casuarina for the famous Prata.

Wow so many carparks available, we were happy and after parking, walked towards the stall.

They were packing the outside seats ready for closing. Err,, not 24 hours meh. maybe not!

So, after thinking for more pratas place (other than the Jalan Kayu- last option), we drove to Yishun 418 for the 24 hours prata.

Just as we were about to park at the multi storey car park , gosh, 2 CAR PARK attendants were making their ROUNDS really and happily hoping TO SUMMON THE CARS WITH FINE TICKETS !

its past midnight, there’s no way to tear the hourly coupon and We didn’t have the midnight coupon as well.

So we HAD to drIVE off making ourselves nearer to 417 where lots of cars parked for their quickie bite. got lot! WE Get to park and …

And daddy get to eat his Prata, not fantastic but it was alright quite nice though. We all had our pratas, finally.

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