• Serena Tan

the Goodness of IODINE

as usual, I CAN”T Believe it, my itchy fingers moving the mousey, click here and there, fiddle-ing with the theme of wordpress, and BRAVO, i erase all my widgets that i had painfully inserted during the last months at the side bar. it’s late and i fixed it right the moment i have the time during the weekend, long weekend. while this weekend is a good lengthly one, last weekend, i was doing my housecleaning, as usual on the saturday, and was as usual, because of my too fussy and too in depth cleaning, worked from 11.30am, to a 5pm. while in that process, i was washing the KITCHEN when i noticed the aluminium (the cabin where you placed your plates immediately after you washed to dry it, what you called that?), its the drying rack above the kitchen sink, the aluminium was alittle rusty already, so i dropped my washing of the floor and went to scrub the rust off. while i was scrubing the rack, that consist of alternate aluminimum strips with holes in between, my flesh of my finger got caught quickly and cut the flesh of my tini finger. weee, all the blood rushed out. i thought was a cut so wrapped a handy and continued my work in the house until in the evening, eeee, when i unwrapped the handy, the skin + a tini flesh is dangling almost to drop-off.

a deep pit i could see when i lift the tini flesh off. HOHO. it wasn’t until last NIGHT when daddy introduced the IODINE to me. it not only glued the tini flesh back to the deep pit, I could even type happily liao. IODINE!

meanwhile, back to weekend to redo my sidebar theme. tsk tsk.

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