• Serena Tan

The Holy Thursday

Updated: Apr 29

Seems that I have lost touch in doing posting, probably, because I learnt to love my bed so much that every night that I stepped into the room, its straight to the bed and Zzzz or 156.

The AK suggested to get Helen for dinner on Thursday night and thankfully, it was arranged quite nicely and we met at Chao Chu Kang Farmmart with Jifa. Chicken Wings, Otah, Lala (not nice), Stingray, Fried Rice, Beer, Vege!

And then a little quick chat and then We all went home.

Back to home and 156 on a Holy Thursday with Daddy and Mummy , we had in total a 3 bottles of liquor together with the group in 156.

Some high, some ok we sat till 4am, and was tired throughout the Friday! Daddy slept till 3pm, I slept the whole day, the AK was not too bad while he boiled herbs for me. Mummy was the must energetic I think.



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