• Serena Tan

The house we viewed

The moment I stepped into the house, I was like “okay, we gona have to renovate the whole house”.. and the seller is asking for a far fetched price. The space of the house is definitely a tempter, however, the price is a killer considering “it” needs a through-and-through makeover, inside out!

Moreover, ever view a house and the agent arranged 3groups of family to view the house together? This is what happened this evening, while we were at the Void Deck, another family was waiting and the agent told us to wait a while more for another grp. I told the agent that shouldn’t “individual” group be viewing the room instead of a CROWD!

this is the first time i came across a CROWD with 1 agent together!

Then the meanest thought entered my mind, IS THE AGENT TRYING TO PULL A FAST ONE??? Trying to show that many buyers are in demand and he was trying to push the sale !!! Probably one family is putting on an act, employed by the agent!!!! Ridiculous to have a CROWD Same Agent viewing right?

So we played it cooled and decided to think about it and the agent pressed pressed us and told us that another buyer offered lesser S$5k and they refused to budge! Instead of making us worried, we decided since in this case, we thought of the beta! BYE to the AGENT! Let the buyer who offered S$5k lesser win then!

And he has been calling my mother ever since 3 times. so many families why keep calling us.. Last call was now! We gave the price “it”deserved to have, having to consider the full renovation. Deal not-closed! although i dun mind the house……

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