• Serena Tan

The Large TAUTAO misplaced.. hoho

When all the tau taos snoopies got renuited together finally, after so long, together displayed in our room, I realised my BIG LARGE snoopy was not in the new house either.

ALMOST as Large, as large as half Darling AK when it was SEATED!

So I probably thought I was stored in the same box as the missing shoes.

So just too bad.

Then my parents wanted to go back to their place to clear for rental and to PACK MORE STUFF into our house. So we went, last week surely.

And I was in the kitchen clearning stuff until ThiRak came inside and saw a trash seated on the kitchen chair.

“WHATs this?” thirak ask and started Squeezing the trash…

“”Large TAU tao is it??”” continue squeezing…

Yeah sure enough it was and we brought the LARGE snoopy back to the new house. Poor him, seated at the kitchen for almost a week in the trash bag.

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