• Serena Tan

The little things our loved ones does

While the AK woke up and went for his morning drink,

I was just about the bed and around the typer thinking what could be the frustration… What could be simply vexing that seemed so huge that God cannot solved it. Why could a simply irriating person could outdo myself yet ……

Then I would say, God cheered me by I see: – Benji’s photo at the bed of the vet’s clinic – the AK’s childish-like to suit me imitating my toy – my Daddy going 156 for a drinking session with me – Mummy’s unselfishness to give – Benji’s extradionary behaviour apart from all the normal quiet doggies – The AK’s fat fingers pointing at the Bible verses – My daddy’s gnawing his teeth.. cutely – Mummy’s trying to give us food before herself – Benji’s head opening the toilet door – Nikki’s afraid of the camera – Daddy trying to get the latest gadget for my room – The AK’s waiting for me working late nights…

I would think to point every points would be endless… to this post,,,,

What would I be frus? Think of the lovely sweet positive points that the loved ones had showered on me.. that surrounded me , more enough to supersede the negative frustrations I had,… nothing that not even 1 grand could buy.


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