• Serena Tan

The Momma’s Birthday Makan

its not a large celebration, but we have reasons to have a more additional exclusive food.

Momma wanted Sushi Tei to start with for her birthday dinner but prior to that, she invited us for Lambies-chops at the cafe in the ‘hotel’ she was temporary working-residing in at the moment.

Everyone had the

signature dish lamby-chops during the noon except me with the salad and coffee.

We had the Sushi Tei in the late evening, at serangoon gardens’, always crowded but it was worth the wait..

In Sushi Tei

We had the base


This is Momma's favourite.. Luv this

sake sake


and so the next day she had the brownie ice cream in the boat from the SOLF.

In the Boat SOLF


and we had simple penang food from Aunty Kim at AMK. it was good, and tasty just yummy.

the penang drink.." duno the name'


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