• Serena Tan

The Neckie Rashes………..

My rashes have subside quite a bit, but even last night, I woke up several times, to apply the cream because it started to itch and… I asked the Lord, “” please take away the rashes…”

And this morning, it was so much better. It didn’t look like its growing to shingles that I was afraid it might, the whole evening last night, I was trying to stay still , to feel if there was any pain in the neck or the nerves were moving in an extraordinary way or not..

I stood still a few times in the night, to try to feel any funny painy feeling in the neck but until this morning, there weren’t any funny painy feeling.

Of course, Desmond giggled a little at my foolishness, in buying a creame that is so penetrating and biting to my neck. And so the results rashes.

Couldn’t be any dust or bedsheets or else, the other body parts should very well be affected as well..

The only conclusion was the creame that I have gotten just before my leave.

I told my colleague. “ aiya, everytime on leave, will kana this and that one lor… when not on leave, I’m ok…”


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