• Serena Tan

The night me and AK went to Dolly to finish our balance..

the day before Mummy’s birthday,

Darling AK and I went to King’s to meet alfred and to finish our 1/2 johnny walker.

then he thought about Shanghai Dolly to finish off the other 1/2 johnny walker, and we called YENG YENG.

but she was weak!

anyway we wanted to go a while.

The disco room was so packed and full. The moment, we entered, this drunkard was about to find some fault with the Bouncer. ThiRak and I decided to leave Dolly when we came to the wine bar, EMPTY and sat down to drink the balance.

And William came to drink together with us. 3 of us was easy to finish the balance. Someone’s idea to have AK47 shots, the shots was amazingly large, 7 spirits in a shot., we ordered 3 balloon glasses.

15 mins later, i was in space. GONE.

The next moment, when i opened my eyes, it was morning and i was in my home room.

I cannot remember a thingy after the 15 mins of drinking AK47. my eyes was painy, i was hungover.

never would i want to drink another AK47. Thirak AK said i didnt do any LOUD things, just high that’s about it. Thank goodness, no unglam moments.

photo taken when i was still awake

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