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The night without the air condition …

It’s almost 2am and its one of those unique night that i couldn’t get to sleep. As much as I was punching away at the games in the iPad, I still couldn’t push myself to doze off. What’s worst was to have my neck all aching all the way down to the waist. A common office work hazard that never got away from me.

The aircon stood us up again a few days ago. When I came home, Thirak AK n Daddy”s roomy was not air conditioned filled, instead was running by the fan.

“Aircon is spoilt , again!”

“again?” I thought

Yes again n the moment we tried to turn on the system, it tripped the house electricity ! So we had to Wait until the next day for the aircon man to check on it!

The night was almost humid n it was almost reaching June, the weather was terribly scorching , even at night!

So that night, with the fan trying hard blowing at it’s mightest speed, it didn’t help! I felt so heaty, I got the kitchen fan to join in at blowing at us. We got through the night but I should think , Thirak AK n my parents didn’t enjoy the fan very much either!

The next day, we were prepared to fork out a hundred over for any repairs maybe or wiring that maybe had gone berserk , for the aircon.

To our surprised it was cheaper than we thought!

A lizard had laid dead at our compressor , just nicely laid near the wiring that cause the trip to the whole house! After he removed the dead lizard , the Aircon was working perfectly well again! It’s just was that simple!

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