• Serena Tan

The Nikki Boy

Today the Nikki boy had fits.

You don’t know how painful and awfully sad you feel inside until you see it for yourself during when he had the fits and blood dripping out from his mouth, while his whole body all cramped and curled up.

It was unbearable, for me.

When I woke up this morning, rather late today , un-usually late, the parents were at the door sending Nikki boy to the vet. They said he had fits. So I just hear and thought that was it.

They returned with the dog and he felt asleep tired and restless at times, and awoke, walking in and out of the room, the kitchen looking for the parents when they left for lunch.

I was cleaning the house when I heard him having fits again, I came to him while he was shaking and going totally uncontrollable, with his feeble thin body all shaking badly and his mouth. We guess he might have bit his own tougue with his teeth, because some blood came out from his mouth.

I don’t know how to calm him , he managed to get back to normal and couldn’t sleep for nuts, because maybe the thought sleeping causes his fits, for him.

The vet mentioned the cancer Might have gotten to his brains and attack it already.

Of course, I pray the Lord would give him rest and hopefully, painless days for his remaining of his days.

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