• Serena Tan

The pig attacks

So much for the others, I won’t believe the amount of sleep i had last evening.

dinner was tabao back home, porridge for myself and the darling AK had tabao satay for SUPPER n his usual vegetable rice ….


i fell asleep after the channel 8 7pm serial show. 8pm, i fell asleep

i thought then i heard little NONYA 3 min stupid dumb re-act cast then i knew i slept again.

i woke up at 11pm. imagine. what’s the point of waking up. I might as well continue till the next morning. Wake up to do what?

I Joined the daddy and darling ak at the kitchen for satays.

of course, getting meaty me is inevident. Gosh!

then i slept again at 2pm.

i feel like a piggy already

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