• Serena Tan

The rain goes opposite of us

The rain just have to stop when we reached the office.

And it had to rain, and it rained heavily just about when we stepped out of the office for lunch.

What was worst. Ah Fa’s favourite Malay rice stall over at North Canal had closed for the Hari Raya so we had to brace the storm to Far East Square for another yet not-so-tasty Malay Rice stall! The four of us wore pants today and we were all wet from the bottom to wherever the rain could reach us!

The never pai-she me stood halfway under a shether to fold the pants into ¾ before continuing the journey to makan and made the 3 ladies laughed in disguist.

I don’t care who looked, just as long I am really comforty..

And I wore the folded pants all during lunch and back to office. Comforty and the bottom of the pants ain’t much any wetter than the rests though!

And the storm had decided to call it a day after drenching the lunch hours crowd!


the feet and slippers were soak in the afternoon rain!

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