• Serena Tan

The Sata Checkup

Today is the last day of the company’s checkup and me and May Lim went to Sata at Telok Ayer near Maxwell for the body checkup. We took a breeze walk from our office and along the way, we noticed the newly built temple just right across Maxwell. Its beautiful clean and we thought, probably to enter a visit on the way back to the office.

The checkup was alright SLOW SLOW SLOW.we took more than one hour, to be exact one hour and 5 mins for the whole checkup, which could have been just half an hour. Angry lor! Somemore my stomach was disturbing me badly and groaning that I was quite pissed off with everything haha, even the blagladesh that talked non stop while in the waiting lobby.

We didn’t managed to enter the temple,

DRESS CODE: no mini skirt above knee, no bare back, no off shoulder!

ISn’t bare back and no off shoulder the same meaning? I don’t know, we were debating the difference between bare back and off shoulder!

Then I understand the logic of why no exposed skin but inside the temple is extremely warm and hot, and for a person to pray peacefully, shouldn’t he or she have a calm or cool mind? The must dress covered up so hot and sweaty how to pray inside ?

I don’t know, if its me, I can’t. I be so disturbed by the heat and hotness, I think I can’t pray lor!

Anyway, my back was exposed and my knee was showing, so no 2nd thoughts to visit the temple after reading the rules and regulations.

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