• Serena Tan

The small lunch bets at the office..

At this time of the day, i could feel the eyes getting really heavy and dropsy. tsk tsk.

it was good this morning, i was fresh and awake by 8am, had a nappy at 530am to wake at 8am, really good.

thought my stamina was still as good as before, nah, even when there is NO WORLD CUP, i can sleep like a pig for 10 hours.

and so trying to open fresh the almost closed lids,

trying to catch all the rehearsals gimpse of the parade at where i am sitting and/ but i snaped at the wrong timing

the day noon going-to-rain thingy

 we did a group bet, thankfully, the colleague of mine and I took Holland and Susan Spain, so, and to pay our debts, we bought her a luncheon this lunch today at the Viet Cafe.

THE SOUP is fantastic!

Audrey with the FAMOUS beef noodle

this is their famous beef noodle, Audrey said was very good

this is what i had, Rice noodle Prawn soup.

these might have caused my eyes to be heavy too, i doubt its it. its the world cup last night.

Daddy woke at 230am too to watch..  

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