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The story of the Goldfish & Sucker

We have 3 more new goldfishes all orangy addition to our pond yesterday. It wasnt until last night before we went off to bed, Daddy realised one of the orangy goldfish has disappeared.

Welcome the Orangy Goldfish...

We couldnt’ find it , until Thirak Darling AK torched the whole pond, managed to spot the missing poor little orangy goldfish stucked in one of the pebbles…trying ‘its’ best to escape, flipping its fins… violently….. Almost upside down. The fins was like calling ” help ……..help” , flipping and flipping against the water…  yelping blowing bubbles with the water.

gosh!!  I Could almost felt ‘its’ distress…. Our first thought was .. ‘he’ probably was dying. ‘he’ probably would have if we didnt noticed ‘he’ was stucked in between the pebbles..

Just last sunday, We changed the pondy water and re-decorated our pond, having bought more furnitures for the pond, either by Daddy or Thirak, everyday with something new to add inside.

So of course we had to scope all the fishes out to clean the pond and drain some of the water out. All the fishes were scoped except for 2 sucker fishes that were black in colour. We never seemed able to sight them anyhow normally, because of the colour and probably it likes to stuck at the pond side or maybe hide itself in between the pebbles, which was almost the same colour as the pond & pebbles.

So we were careful when cleaning the pond, trying our best to spot the sucker fishes. We cleaned the pebbles individually, washed the pond. I remembered going the motion with the fishing net around the pond to find the sucker fishes. It was definately not around. Thirak AK took a second round of locating the sucker fishes, it was gone. It was definately gone.

We had given up on the sucker so we continued with brining the pond back to life .

It weird how much when we try to sight the sucker fishes,  it couldnt’ be seen.

But just yesterday we noticed ONE black sucker fish, just one, however, suddenly appeared right before our eyes, , sticking around the pond………., just when we given up trying to see ‘him’.

AT the moment, I think i could feel the sucker fish in triumph joy,  when i saw him… moving ‘his’ whiskers”’ ……like as though he succeeded in triumphing over us..

Our little pond in the morning

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