• Serena Tan

the Swearing in….

“”chuckle, chuckle”””

We got all almost all stuff ready, the seatings and planner darling AK was racking his brains for this and that and its finally done.

There’s always a few that couldn’t make it at the last min or perhaps that last last min or last second probably, I guess we have to make do with that.

anyway, its a simple get-together celebration dinner.

The Wednesday we went to the Registry of Marriage for our submission and “” statutory” declaration IN THE morning. The wait was only about half an hour but there was a lot of people with foreigners registering their marriage as well.

It was interesting as we sat there and do some funny observation. Can’t make any post of it though.. tsk tsk…

We had to do some swearing in front of the person (whoever you called that), reading the SWEARS and before we took the SWEARS, the man asked if we would liked in English or Mandarin. Of course English we chose! so darling AK started swearing and then me. And the SWEARS in English was terribly “” CHIM”””, so deep the english, cannot pronounce some words properly lor…. …..

half the time we were ahhhh ahhhh ahhh…. the man had to pronounce and we follow….

Then if we took the CHINESE version of swearing, I think the person will have to dictate WORD for WORD before me..


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