• Serena Tan

The Taiwan Trip

On the 8 Oct, right, almost immediately after my mad overwhelming work in the office, we finally went for our Taiwan Trip.

Because just before the trip , the news we get for Taiwan was typhoon and raining, so we were quite worried. But having said that, we brought our thicker clothings to Taiwan.

Expecting at least a little cooler than Singapore, but .. it was not humid, but not cooled enough to put on the thicker clothings. It was exactly hot over there except it wasn’t humid like in Singapore!

Our 1st 2 nights were in the Hotspring Resort and we had our own hotspring in the little room of ours. Natural hotspring to soak the leggies and bodies after the walk around and the tiredness, it was good.

The resort had their little public hotspring area for the guests too, from hotplate to hot spring jets to massage the bodies, little little hotsprings in the form of jacuzzies to indulge in.

It was very good, the resort was very relaxing, with all their help and service, we even managed to get a room for a little Sunday service for a little price!

The next four days, we proceeded to central Taipei!

Because we were a little late in confirming our hotels, our priority first accommodated hotel was fully booked! Nevertheless, the agent replaced us with a equally comparable hotel!

It was national day the day we reached Taipei central, so a lot of cabs were hesitating to drive us there! 3 cabs the spring resorts bell service managed to get for us. However, They did not reached us to our destination! Instead they alighted us really a distance with our luggage to walk towards the hotel because the roads were all supposedly to be closed!

This equally comparable hotel really took me by surprised! Just the look of the hotel cannot be compared to our first chosen hotel… The check in the service staff was really impolite! To cut the story short, we had a few issues with the hotel service and the staff with the next 24 hours!

To make matters worst, their breakfast was atrociously uncalled for!

I wrote to our agent in Singapore immediately! Made several calls and to and fro emails, demanding a transfer to another hotel! At least comparable to the first priority hotel that we were first accommodated!

We got a day tour from the agent on the 3rd day, it was in the package, and when the Taiwan agent greeted us that morning, I remembered, she surprised us by telling us to pack our luggage because they have arranged another comparable hotel for us!

Superb it was totally amazing! This next hotel service was excellent, room was as great and everything went on fine!

Our shopping saw us in lots of wholesale areas! That was my best areas I loved shopping in! Lovely!

Bangkok to follow!

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