• Serena Tan

The thOughts of People

There was a humongous huge typhoon in the early morning that fell upon us in the office, dramatic, scary and we are still clinging on to our pillars. And then the today have 2 of the colleagues of mine leaving, their last day at the end of today, one of who is the dear AH FA. She looks happy and delighted, I guess I have to be happy for her and her new found job that sounds like she likes it a lot. Off to a new found path !!!


And then the expected always happen. The thunder storm weather has decided to wet the lunch time crowd one more time darkening the sky. For once, I am happy to be on the phone lunch time duty. My lunch is well taken care… TA-BAO!

Going over:- We were searching for a pleasant comfy and relaxed bungalow chalet for the next month and none was available in the web for booking. Even if it was, the price is escalating scare-rly towards the weekend!

S$300-360 PER NIGHT with a minimum 2 nights…!!

WOW! SIAO yet it is FULLY BOOKED until the end of JAN 2008!

Singaporeans are RICH siar! Or maybe like a whole group of people get to share the rental of the Bungalow, it wouldn’t be so taxing!

ON ONE PERSON FORKING OUT S$600 for all to live in + FOOD to go and others…..easily ONE THOUSAND! No way!

We were at the wits end, so the AK got Aunty Jenny of 156 to check it out if her rights could get us a chalet. The AUNTY Jenny was nice to check out the internet (which I had earlier searched as well) but it was the thought and we appreciated the effort of hers.….

IDEA Dropped!

We get to eat Abalone AGAIN last night. The BALA took the effort to go home (2nd trip) and bring a can down, got CHAI to cook and we got to eat in 156 with beerssssssss……..

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