• Serena Tan

The Thursday we worked half day

Friday was an off day for us.. because we were moving the stuff to the new office. so to get us out of the way, we were given a day off while the boxes and computers were allocated to the office by the movers and the IT MEN. On thursday

bye to the place we worked @with the other offices.,,

the old office on the last thursday.

and so on thursday by after noon, we were all doing the last minute packing because we had to shut down sooner for the IT men to get to work.  by 4pm, we made our way to the NEW place since everyone has done their packing.

the new place wasn’t completed yet, there were furnitures not in yet, the final touchups were there yet, so we gimpse at the almost done office only.

My workstation wasnt put up yet.. but i am facing.. will snap on Monday..

the new place..corridor

partial view over 1 side .. that side there

from the window view

hey the view from susan's

Pantry ..

Magazine corner in the Pantry

another view from the centre

the view around me i think.. not sure which is my view already.. tsk tsk

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