• Serena Tan

The Tissue Seller old Lady at Hong Lim…

Was having my Wan Tan noodle this noon when the same tissue-seller lady appear in Hong Lim. Yesterday noon she refuse to budge when i said NO to her and she just stood at our table, beggin and beggin and touching my wallet. She was filled with black dirt, her T-shirt was completely covered with muck, and she stenched badly.

And so today the same scenario , I held my breathe when she stood at our table, beggin and refusing to move another step unless we buy some tissues from her. And she moved on after we continuously shouted “no” in mandarin.

That reminds me that the other day, I took an old man’s cab and it was the 2nd time i sat in his cab. He went like a tortoise, couldn’t speak and i suspected he was suffering from Parkinson…Disease ..

Yup no doubt i knew of his sickness but it was terribly slow and unsure of his route.. and i grew so impatient when the others horn at him that I shouted at him and ask him to hurry! He went like two lanes in one and at all turns, the cab would stall in the middle! I sweared I wasn’t to get into his cab the 3 time!

and it might seemed uncouth of me to get impatient and disguisted with these poor old humans, but somehow i know inside it ain’t much their fault.. after I looked back. It ain’t their fault to want to be like that too…gosh

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