• Serena Tan

The weekend over at the “Thailand”””

it was themost wishful thingy for me,. at least most of the times, but maybe this period was less wishful, but the aunties were also talking about the thailand thailand thailand that we went in the end. the authetic thailand..

i knew i do have felt it was super more delicious next year going forward, but tis weekend, it was good..

guess where is tis placey

at the AUTHETIC thailand .. thailand.. villagers food

quench thirst in the hot weather

sooooooooooonnnnnm thammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

sooooooooooonnnnnm thammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

the fresh uncooked prawns

prawn cake was so authetic you get get the taste at Bali thai, because bali thai is so good to cater for singaporeans.. so some mustnot like it

Tom Yumy

the fresh prawns eaten just like that is my favourite ... so delicious.. sashimi in jap or what

not everyone likes authetic thai food, for most will like the actual “”thai” chinese food that is cheap cheap in Bangkok itself, for us, thirak and i, we loved authetic thai food which so far can only be reached outskirts… 

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