• Serena Tan

The Weird Cab Driver

Last night I took the cab home caused i worked pretty late in the office. As usual for the last few weeks, i took the cab home after work, the cab driver would use the CTE way to bring me home.

Last night this particular cab driver went into The MARINA MANDARIN and into the carpark.

then i wonder what he was up to AND SCREAMED at him.


“cte” HE said quietly.

then i was ready to jump out of the cab when he turn here and there inside the carpark and out to cityhall. I kept my cool first …….

NO difference!

It was so late, no jam there’s no need to do that. For a moment, i might want to suspect him. A young rude chap, didnt’ talk didnt acknowledge when i told him my destination.

still i didnt see the need to get into the carpark.

I wish i screamed more then, at least to let him know i was unhappy..

We have no time for anything, the moment we reached home we head for bed. So exhausted. i wished we had more time suddenly, we reached the peak so weary now…

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