• Serena Tan

The White Ghost

AND there were sightings from few people sighting a long black haired and a white long t-shirt (those that always movies ghosts wear) around our neighbourhood recently.

It was coincidentally that the topic was brought up and exactly the same image, the same appearance that different people witness in a wink of an eye!

We happened to be among the people that perceived this truth, truth or not true, is unexplainable….

It really scared the little girl on duty in the coffeeshop last night, timid and alone she might be, stories like that shouldn’t actually be mentioned to her. Poor girl.

Maybe if the spirit were to move around without harming humans, i guess would be okay, which happens to be the case so far. A wandering spirit lost looking for the light to cross over. The image of the spirit in my mind is still so clear,…

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