• Serena Tan

The World Tour of Jacky Cheung 2007

We picked Yeng at 6pm at her office and jam all the way to the indoor stadium! thinking definately, the restaurants there might have something to fill the stomachs, it was fully packed and the waiting time kills…

Pathetic? We ended up with 3 hot dogs and 3 Ribena at a fast burger stand. 1 hotdog burger = S$S$6.00 1 Ribena = S$S$3.00 Good way to earn fast bucks if you are broke. Place your make-shift tentage near any event areas at Indoor stadium, 100% profit! So we had to stand around eating the S$6 burger and rushed to MEET Jacky…

The World Tour of Jacky Cheung 2007 was definately better than the last concert in 2002. Oldies he tried to sing and the Heavenly King started his singing concert at 830pm sharp with NO GUESTS singer at all… all THE WAY TILL 5 mins before 12AM. he didn’t have ANY break in between, the only time he took breaks was for 2-3 minutes to change his stage clothes… Amazing! Hicupps? Yeah he had 2 for my ears! In the middle of the song, a cough and a tini bit of off tone…. 3 and the half hours… IT WAS OUR JACKY CHEUNG”S concert… and I LIKED ALL THE SONGS HE SANG… MY IDOL!


AK COUNTED…. the earnings could hit the least S$2million in that night for a packed Indoor stadium… it was his world tour… how many millions Jacky was going to get?!

The pictures complimentary of Yeng Yeng.. we didn’t take all these, it was yeng’s frienzzsss

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