• Serena Tan

Thirak AK’s Left Arm

The Thirak Darling AK somehow hurt his arm’s nerve just by doing nothing , the other day.

Right after he made the dumplings, steaming it hot

And we suspected it was because he tried to waved the ‘hotness’ away from the fingers and somehow hurt the nerve or ligament in his left arm.

Probably it was already hurt from work, and he made it worst by swinging it during the steaming of the dumpling. He couldn’t have rested enough since the pain was throbbing in the middle of the night and it was just too difficult to rest having the pain increasingly and decreasingly in the night especially. So, these few days, he was refrain from carrying heavy stuff and using his left hand for too much large movement, least he aggravated it. We went to the TCM to ‘tui’ it , we sprayed salon pas, momma bought salon plaster.. … he took panadol when the pain was too much to bear. So it was during this time I realised that I took his strength for granted.. the heavy stuff he had to carry for me, the balcony cleaning and helping around in the house. Now I NEED THE ARM TO BE RECOVERED! Now he HAS TO JUST KEEP HIS PATIENCE FROM USING HIS LEFT ARM until it fully recover!

Still he couldn’t resist the mangoes in Uncle Steven’s house. Using his right hand to do the plucking!

Easily step

Trying to reach the mangoes with the RIGHT HANDEasily step

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