• Serena Tan

This Morning I twisted my bad ankle again

This morning, some un-careful steps cause me stupid ankle to twist and lose its dumb balance. Twisted the stupid injured ankle but who ever cares!

Can we ever declare our income tax without a substantial documentation. No! everything comes with a background, a full proof for the other party to be convinced and what makes me different. I’m not. But it seems the stigma is struck at me, and convincing, I feel Iiving in a box surrounded by nothing, except within my eyes my life and my family for myself to see. What ever is laid outside is not my reach and so, im plagued with all thoughts and gets really P)(&@%#)

Today is a bad day, I came to way I woke up in a heavy heart, a day which we all wish not to pass through but to pass through in a sleep. Tiring, sleep too late, sleep a little, tired liao.

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