• Serena Tan

Through Our time..

Last evening we had another yet couple that came over to our housey nearby to have catchup moments and a little bit of drinks together, just the 4 of us. It was a late evening by the time we met each other because we met them after our prayer meeting.

All the way from the north east, whom we havent seen for a while, but it was good time catching up to see them doing well and committing to each other.

It was a short catchup supper and drinks because it was a work day-week. But we appreciate it, their presence and time together and our thoughts together, and our friendship together.

And I thought seriously that Uncle Heng looks better fresher and good. Maybe because every one has reduce the late nights and drinking sessions very much.. or seldom in fact.

Though through the aged time, for all of us.. but is definitely Looking fresh indeed.

i guess we all came to realise our priorities and better organise them better through these years.

Another bestie couple of ours!

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