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Thursday question meme

I came across this Thursday meme and thought I do something about it.

Most amusing

For today? Was me and audrey trying out all sorts of ways to get to know the name of someone’s father.

It was hilarous trying to know our colleague’s father’s name, because we were simply.. had to know. Somehow, the surname had to match with the ‘christian’ name, so it wasn’t easy to match a name to our colleague’s surname, so to say.

That Is much I can say online..


How much thought do you put into your passwords?

It supposed to be a pass-word, so its important to be secert. I will pass this question

It’s your turn!

If you could ask me any question,what would it be? (And yes,I will be answering.)

Special News Report

If there was a Special News Report from your home,which room would you broadcast from?

At my living room? Dining room or the spare room? Its all good for tv broadcasting!

Love? Hate?

Ceiling fans:love them or hate them?

Yes I don’t mind them. Those antique wooden type of ceiling fans, like I have one in my living room now.

Economy in crisis?

Are you concerned about the USA economy?

I seriously don’t

Clam chowder

What kind of clam chowder do you like?

I only like chinese food.

Locally owned or chain restaurants?

Where do you prefer to dine at? The locally owned or the chain restaurants? What about when you travel?

Hawker centres or coffee shops please. I hate food courts, those in the shopping centres with airconditioning.

The food stucks, simply not comfortable at food courts.

Restaurants or coffeeshop?

Coffeeshops and hawkers please!

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