• Serena Tan

Time Makin’ Changes

As I grew older, I realised my fats and weight grew into and stay as well. It used to be, hey, “ my bones were sticking out !!!””” and I could mouth tons of food into my stomach without frightening the weight would increase, guess, its growing with metabolism slowing down. I must admit though, for the age of mine now, most strangers for the first impression would have not get my age correct! (Physically …. gaga)

Yuppi! At least, I have one credit to it!

As I grew older, my music taste remains. Slow English hits, Canto, mandarin and techno hits are still in me…

I would prefer to stop aging and remain at mid thirties. It’s the best age to be at, not young not old yet enough as an adult to adventure and live a life!

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