• Serena Tan

tiny thoughts that seemed to spoilt my day

The rain just had to get me. When I reached the door of the raffles place station, it was drizzling slightly, It just had to pour crazily the moment I stepped out in the open. No brolly.

Got a welcome early Monday morning rain splashed on myself. 1. Spoilt my Monday morning.

I think I had a horrible nightmare.

Whenever I dreamt of home, my sub consciousness always arrive back to my first house I lived in Toa Payoh, the either nightmare haunted whatever dull house.

I was spinning against going to the 7th floor or the 9th floor, can’t seemed to reach the level of my house. There were weird stuff weird too weird and scary details, too long and detailed to explain. Whatever, I kept arriving at 7th or 9th floor never reaching.

I woke up feeling extra lousy boring.

2. Spoilt my Monday morning.

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