• Serena Tan

Tired after matches

I surprised myself sometimes when I over stimated myself. Last night, the AK said he came home half an hour right after i came home during the Greece & Sweden match and I was already in Zzzz land.

I didn’t know.

I didn’t know he came back. I thought he came home so much later in the morning I thought.

I always thought i would know, when the dogs bark, when the AK jumped on the bed, when the AK shuffle about the bed.

But last night, i didn’t know. I was like a dead log in ZZZzzz land.

I thought I would know, but I had no clue, had no feel of disturbance. I was so indulge in the Zzzz land..

I must have been darn tired right after the Spain Match. I LOVED SPAIN, the match was good. The 156 was screaming, screaming and shouting!!!

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