• Serena Tan

Tons of posts i missed out

It’s been a while since I constantly do my bloggies! Everyday seemed so busy n tight n now, it’s the working late period! So when I’m back, the blessed thingy is to rest my back on the bed, n it’s good at times for this portable wordpress in iPhone that I need not station myself at the stationery computer at our study table! There r tons of pictures yet to blog about, tons of pictures to upload to my personal albums that I realized was stored in the phone today! So a note to myself to get it going! Soon!  Right after my peak period, hopefully! I’m weary!  I’m weary n tired inside out in moments like these .. Just staying behind closed doors so I need not tired my face by smiling… I think sometimes I let things affect me too over much… Good night

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13 Sept 2021

By God's grace and mercy, DAD fell and probably hurt his head and his hips and body are bruise. BY God's grace and mercy, he seemed alright and said he is fine. 🙏