• Serena Tan

Towards the end of preparation

it looks like the happy day arrangement is almost done..

There were still some changes to the seating arrangements, moving the names-sie around and about.

Its like trying to jigsaw and fit perfectly the names in a puzzle table.

We are not looking for a perfect wedding day, just a simple small celebration together with our close ones, close friends relatives and working colleagues to commemorate this day together with us. Makan drinking and be merry…

I probably might have missed this point at some of my stupid moments, in the course of our organizing, and, chuckle chuckle, gladly, darling AK reminded me of this point and I relented.

So now I kinda relax and have to enjoy every bit of the preparation caused it’s the fun part.

It doesn’t matter how things worked out in the end I guess. in the end, the important thing to remember is, making it a perfect wedding day is not the total point but having a beautiful imperfected marriage for a life time ………………………..at the end..

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