• Serena Tan

Train ride in Singapore- how bad can the service get?

On a good and bad days, the service at the station in AMK is getting worst especially this week. You queue for 15-20 mins with no possibility of entering a sardine packed cabin.

You hear swearings from the queues and manual hand fannings. You have the free sweat-all-you want sauna just by queuing here. Theres no wind , the crowds are increasing but unboardable train.

They make certain you are totally drenched to your skin. Every clothin should all be wet with perspiration before you are allowed to board a train.

The 10th train comes by, you are still sweating n swearing in the queue. Only 2-4 passenger per cabin pleaee!

That the daily commuters life at AMK train station trying to get their upgraded best service transport mode to their destination.

By the way, we are definitely late for work. The train has a timing guide for a destination to another destination but it never made sense.

I prefer they write maybe a 2 hour ride at your own risk. They would cease communters swearing. In any sense how do they commenstate for us being late at destination. Of course they dont. They tell you to plan ur route early. Come out 2 hours earlier….maybe …

I should start queuing at 6 with morning wind no crowd n maybe some space in the cabin I can breathe in.

How good is that.

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