• Serena Tan

Tree Planting Day

At Endurance.

We had 20 trees to plant that afternoon but before our tree planting, we had our full lunch before into the fields to plant the trees.

Our Lunch Before the Tree Planting at Garden Asia

Our Meals

 alittle orientation before getting ourselves planted.

we had to change into the boots given by the warden and locked our baggies into the given lockers.

Orientation before heading into the forest

The Trail walk into the forested area for planting .. 

The walk trail into the forestHow to plant a TREE!

How to plant a tree leh?

How to plant a TREE!

After the ‘how to plant a tree”, we all had the hands on. the men were of course so much faster and better. most of us needed the assistant to help us. where got strength.. tsk tsk  

And we did it!

it20 planting wasnt easy as it look.

The weather was fantastic enough but we couldnt make it after 1.5 tree ..Trying harder

Trying harder

and we did it

It was quite fun actually

it wasnt that bad after all!

Completed Task

one more

Completed Mission

It was all fun and team building!

And finally completed walking back all tired!

Back trail

The Ladies Team

and so the trees I – co – planted

I - Co-PlantedI co-planted


I co-planted

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