• Serena Tan

Trying to call Mcdonalds Delivery is not easy..

We have prepared for a Mcdonald Supper last night after our Tepanyaki dinner at North point, right after our foot reflexology with the parents.

So at 1030pm, after our farming and crime watch, we made a call to Mcdonalds… Long time to take our orders, else it was hung up. So I called again,. Finally after a while…. This not very friendly taking-order-lady,…..

M: hi ms serena S: can I have 2 fish fillet… M: send to where S: yishun M: postal code pls. S: XXXXXX M: THIS WILL TAKE 1 and the half hour AH.. S: huh, ONE AND THE HALF HOUR… ( i reckon they having thousands of orders, else sending from JB maybe)

M: YAH! S: ok then I don’t want! M: “”HANG UP!”” Thi-Rak AK & I walked to Northpoint 24 hours Mcdonalds and grabbed our family supper and back at home to makan by 11pm. In all less than half an hour. By 12 we were ready to sleep.

Then we saw the news about Thaksin’s 60th birthday, we were all excited and wanted to send our wishes to him!

And we did!

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