• Serena Tan

Trying to find peace with myself

I have so much thoughts to pen, if I could i would desperately want to jolt it down. Unfortunately, it ain’t going to be this way.

The biological clock of mine has finally came to a standstill. Im at least finally exhausted and am I glad to take a break from tomorrow onwards. Be it at work, outside work and family. Sometimes, it all happens at once. But its good, a good challenge to be able to deal with, maybe just a consolation on my part, but at times, being alone is a lot more satisfying.

Just like now, am having my packet Malay rice lunch, alone, feeling so much at ease and at peace, trying to find myself back in position again. And I did.

We lived for ourself, not for others..

now if im making sense…… back to my malay rice.

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