• Serena Tan

Uncle Heng’s Wife Wake

Amazingly, the members stood in front of the coffin chanting, holding the beads and in devotion to their gods, in tensed and immerged in their chant and devotion, stood firm in their prayers , for the half an hour. The alter had a covered box in normal hours, only during the prayers session, would the box that had two door, opening in the middle, be opened. Inside stood a stucked on paper written with, what I believed, the Japanese words. They were chanting towards this, which I an outsider thought!.

So tonight, was exceptionally crowded, 151 group and lots the others came and give their emotional support to our friend, that looked indeed weary, fatigued, heartrending and torn apart but showing a manly superior front, in our presence, in everyone’s presence! And in our side glance noticed that he occasionally made his way to his late wife’s coffin, in his sadness, to steal a look at her, sleeping, …… forever…

our heartfelt wishes inside, i know, for him to be strong, emotionally, mentally and physically……

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