• Serena Tan

Uncle Kiat bought a Bungalow to rebuilt

Yesterday at noon, we were at Uncle Kiat’s for the mee siam luncheon. And he brought us to the land at Springleaf, at 5000 m.sf and it was a huge land that stood an old house. Depilated and worn down, the house was huge inside, leaking of water, hollow and emptied. What was left inside was the old furniture by the previous owners. The backyard was fantastic, kind of a huge land I felt I wanted too. Nice and he bought it at 1.5million Sing, just the land. Reckon he gona pull down the old house and have it re-built altogether, 3-story high…. That probably causes another 1.0millionSing for a palace!

Swell…. When can I get something like that?

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