• Serena Tan

Under Arms In the train

Gee wonder if its really some infection or the heat is taking the toll in my ears. Come to last night it was really fine and this morning, this ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz humming buzzing blockage is over my head and ear.

This morning in the train, I was trying my best to take a nap but guess I had slept pretty well last night, I was quite awake and these two ladies were standing in the middle holding the railings with their hands stretch to the top. They were shaking their hands violently and I was trying to figure what happened.

Both were holding the top railings of the train cabin so the arms would be in a 90 degree angle! And both were shaking comparing to see if whose under arms fats would WOBBLE the most!

WOBBLE, shake, vibrate the most! THE FATS!

Nothing to do is it!

Don’t pretend hor, you looking at yours now?

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