• Serena Tan


So Embarrasing lor!

The meal at the Sudanese Restaurant was S$62-10 and Jasmine foot the bill first. Somehow, duno why, maybe no coffee mind, heard the waitress mentioned S$30 exactly!

So when I reached the office I pulled out S$15 exactly and paid Jasmine and her look was weird. The weird-lauguage looked suggested that I under paid her and thank goodness for that weird look that I realized my mistake.


What a sotong me!

The fish was already S$22. The Sotong, Kang Kong, tau hu and the chicken all should have added up to more than S$30… my Goodness

Plus additionally, I thought I could have the coffee at the restaurant but it was blendless, like honey water except black in colour and I just pushed it back to the waitress.

On the way out —

Waitress: “you don’t like the coffee here?”” ST : “”no its totally blendless and diluted….””

Waitress: “” its made from coffee beanssss…….”” ST: “”you should go and take a sip…””

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