• Serena Tan

Visit to Bass..

Last evening, I landed myself at Tan Tock Seng, a familiar route as always to see Bassie. I talked to him for an hour or so, talk and talk until I think I dreamt of him. He had tubes inserted through his legs now, instead of the hands for his lungs infection. Aiyo, seriously, I wondered where has he drifted to… He must have heard us talking, I hope..

My half top pajamas is missing. Must be Benji! Wonder where has he hidden it! NB. He probably sent me that innocence look tonight when I ask him.

Not sure what is happening, havent had a bite yesterday until in the evening.But it was several bites, bits of food into my stomach and until now, Never feeling hungry yet. Okay, now back to WORK NOW………. chow

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