• Serena Tan

Voices in the night

Going back to sleeping, last night in the middle of the wee hours when I was half asleep and starting to awoke, then I heard Joyce’s voice calling me “sotong sotong!”

it was really loud like she was just outside the window of mine. and the voice was very JOYCE too..

“sotong sotong!” one more time and halt!

I stood up and listen and there were many people talking and mumbling. Like normally I would get to listen and more especially when I was younger, lots of different natives voices would hound and hound upon you.

Then I laid still to listen if the “Joyce”’s voice would continue and if she really was here, outside my house, no, the voice didn’t repeat itself no more. It was the others speaking, so probably was the passers-by’s “”voices””.

And Probably I was hallucinating or in my state of sleepiness that lead to dreams of voices. for a moment, really, i really thought that Joyce came to my house, probably was at the coffeeshop with the AK and An and came to visit me!

then my tiredness overruled me and i decided to lay down and go back to sleep. If there were any emergency of any kind, i am sure Joyce would give me a ring. so i checked the handphone, no calls..

Maybe it was really the dreamsssssssss!

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