• Serena Tan

Wan Tan Mee at Far East

Its exciting today because the system is down and we are waiting and waiting, But till the recovered status The trip this year for the company is Hanoi.

Finally the email is out!

So maybe that adds to some excitement to the dull and monotonous office environment finally,

Agnes brought us to the Wan Tan Mee “old woman” stall, she called it, or, most people call it, old woman’s wan tan mee at Far East Square corner stall.

Very delicious, comparable to the one at Hong Lim and Lavender.

Large meaty Wan Tansss , the types I fancied, exactly like the ones in Lavender , the sellers are the same too, old women, with the same attitude.

Loud, Irritable and impatient, forever quarrelling with her co-workers. You get taken aback when you want to place an order, seeing the old women attutide…

Still, for today at Far East’s there was a long queue….

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